Since 2003 we have achieved a continuous expansion of the product line with good potential.
As our company has longstanding and well-known brands in the market, we feel the urge to synergize this strength with new proposals for our community.
We currently offer 53 products in 133 pharmaceutical forms.

Nowadays our promotional strategy is based on: psychiatry, hematology, urology, gastroenterology, gynecology, neurology, rheumatology and traumatology.

Within our project we consider it essential to incorporate new products, mainly for those specialties we know well and have an excellent promotional reach and relationship with opinion leaders.
ARISTON is a medium-size company which has an outstanding positioning with doctors.
Our current staff in the laboratory is composed of 87 people, 42 of whom belong to the promotional, commercial and marketing areas.
The rest of the structure consists of the production, development, quality control and administration areas.
We have promotional and distributional coverage all around the country as well as secondary channels focused on the commercialization and distribution of specialized products (oncology, hematology, etc).
Our sales force visit the country’s most important health organizations (hospitals, clinics, cooperatives, mutual organizations, etc).
We also have business presence at pharmacies, drugstores, specialty pharmacies, etc. The sales of our products are channeled through one of the country's largest distributors, which is specialized and dedicated to pharmaceutical drugs and the like.
ARISTON is highly committed to developing strategic alliances based on designing and implementing mutually beneficial agreements.
We are currently in charge of promoting, commercializing and distributing an important range of lab products from SANOFI-AVENTIS ARGENTINA, which is one of the major companies in the pharmaceutical industry at an international level.
On the other hand, ARISTON is licensed to sell 12 products from Q-PHARMA, a European laboratory with strong presence and positioning in the urological specialty.
We also hold a license for a well-known brand in the venotonic market, belonging to ASTELLAS DEUTSCHLAND GMBH Laboratory.


When the company was bought, our pharmaceutical plant required an urgent updating and adjustment to the GMP regulations.
Today we can proudly say we have complied with this adjustment by making an important investment. Our pharmaceutical plant has been approved under GMP regulations by the national health authority.
The plant was designed with a master plan that provides for future expansions as considered appropriate by the project.
Furthermore, we have recently acquired a property within the first Pharmaceutical Area in our country.
This fact can be taken as a solid basis for the expected growth.

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